Mama Getzner, elegance and refinement

We based MAMA GETZNER in order to provide our customers from all over Africa Bazin of the greatest quality. We sell exclusively Bazin Getzner® for our customers because we want a fabric that keeps its shine throughout the life of the garment that you will make up your tailor. The process that makes Bazin Getzner® brilliant and so comfortable to wear even in hot weather is a natural and authentic method of Getzner® brand. The patterns and unique colors selected by our experts your Bazin made a real luxury.

That is why our customers are our fabrics for their weddings, births and religious festivals such as Ramadan or Tabaski.


During our travels in Africa, we found many false Bazin Getzner® to sell in the markets. These cheaper fabrics are very poor because they are not produced by Getzner®. It is important to be sure to buy original Getzner® at MAMA GETZNER® and not a fake one produced in China.


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